Rentoys – Brings Great Toys for Less [Kids]

Rentoys is a Bangalore based startup which supplies Toys on Rent for kids in age group of new-born to 6 years. The website is very neatly done and great emphasis has been placed on step-by-step process of renting and handling of toys along with safety, hygiene and value.  The moment we got request to review Rentoys, we first thought of two core issues in this business.

  1. What if a toy breaks?
  2. How is a toy sanitized before each issue?

Rentoys has addressed the two issues very prominently on their website and have answered most other concerns & situations that parents and grand-parents might face while renting a toy. They have apparently grown out of local networking in Bangalore and after the initial proof of concept, have gone ahead with partnerships with big toy brands such as Funskool, Fisher Price, Tomy, Lamaze, WowWee etc. to scale at Bangalore level.

What I found interesting about this startup is the renting process. It is that the actual cost of toy is not a matter of concern for the end customer. Simply choose any fixed plan with Rentoys and make your own combination of toys for the kid. One can also extend or buy-out the toy completely if the child decides not to part with it. Additionally, one can also suggest Rentoys to include a toy which is not listed on their website too.

Rentoys is founded by Neeta Varma and Shilpa Prasad both being mothers of toddlers who decided to embark on entrepreneurial journey while juggling their homes and their little ones. Another startup for kids we covered sometime back is Brainook.

Dear readers, do give Rentoys a flick!