Bangalore’s Top Cop Wants People To Live Stream Videos Of Crime Using Periscope

The Bangalore Police wants citizens to live stream crimes as they happen using the Periscope app.


The agenda is being pushed by Police Commissioner MN Reddi who said that the city police will being using Periscope to live stream press conferences at first.

Bangalore’s Police force has been extensively engaging with citizens via social networks. MN Reddi who begun tweeting last July currently has 2.83 lakh followers on his Twitter handle.

Currently, Periscope doesn’t have the might of Twitter and Facebook given the small number of users, however, the service has the ability to be even more impactful in the future.

Soon, citizens of Bangalore will be able to live stream videos of crime, road offences, etc with the police control room then getting the location from where the video is being shot and dispatching a patrol unit.

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