What’s the Average Bounce Rate of Email Campaigns in India?

What’s the average bounce rate of email campaigns in India? How many emails should you send to get to the right conversion metrics?

Juvlon, an email marketing firm has shared its report that analyzes of email trends in India. The report is based on analysis of three major industries that use emails as a marketing tool for campaigns, namely the retail industry, finance industry and education industry. Take a look at the definitions to get a better understanding of consumer behavior when it comes to marketing emails.

  • Bounce Rate = Total Bounced / Total List
  • Sent Emails = Total List – Total Bounced
  • Total Open Rate = Total Opens / Sent
  • Unique Open Rate = Unique Opens / Sent
  • Click to Open Rate = Total Clicks / Unique Opens

Retail Industry Statistics

retail trends

  • Looking at bounce rates we notice that they are pretty low for the retail industry and follow an overall downward trend.
  • On an average in Q4, the Total Open Rate was 12.97%, just slightly higher than the figure for Q3 which stands at 12.93%.
  • The total number of clicks in Q4 was 16.02% of the number of emails opened. In Q3 it was 15.12%.

retail trends2

The above observations were made based on about 22 million emails sent by large online retailers during the period of Oct 2010 to Mar 2011. The emails consisted of offers, promotions, regular and updates of products and loyalty points information of consumers.

Finance Industry Statistics

finance trends

  • Average bounce rates that were observed stand at 5.08%.
  • On an average in Q4 the Total Open Rate was 13.64% which is higher than the Q3 average of 11.92%.
  • The total number of clicks in Q4 was 7.90%, in Q3 it was 7.43%.

finance trends2

The statistics are based on about 11million emails sent by insurance and mutual fund retailers during Oct 2010 and Mar 2011. The emails consisted of offers, promotions, regular and updates about product information. Mutual funds and insurance were the products that were pushed by these 11 million emails.

Education Industry Statistics

education trends

  • The Average Bounce Rate in Q4 declined to 4.44% from a high of 6.42% in Q3.
  • he Total Open Rate was 12.51% in Q4, which is lower than it was in Q3( 14.15%). Juvlon speculates that this may be due to exam season for students.
  • The total number of clicks was 12.65% of the emails opened. This too is lower than Q3(14.74%).

education trends2

The observations made are derived from about 5 million emails sent by universities and colleges during the period between Oct 2010 and Mar 2011. The emails consisted of course admissions and updates for educational courses.

Average Bounce, Open & Click Rate

avg trends

  • The total number of emails sent grew by almost 8 million in Q4 compared to Q3.
  • Average Bounce rates have fallen in all the three sectors.
  • Average Open Rate and Average Click Rate for the Finance and retail sectors were higher in Q4 as compared to Q3.
  • Most notably , the education sector emails showed a lower Average Open and Average Click Rate in Q4 as compared to Q3.
  • Poor quality of email campaigns is the major reason for low click-to-open rate in India.
  • If designed and executed properly, email campaigns can easily deliver average click-to-open rates of 15-20%.
  • Retail sector shows higher open and click rates this quarter compared to last quarter.
  • Education sector emails showed a much lower open and click rate this quarter.

Considering the rise in Internet connectivity in India, email is sure to become a great marketing tool, the challenge remains to get past spam filters and deliver relevant content to consumers in a more efficient manner with the use of better subscription practices.

What has been your experience with email marketing campaigns?

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