US Based Resolvity Enters India’s Cloud Telephony Market with the Launch of VoiceGain

US based Resolvity, a Nadathur Holdings and Investments funded company has launched VoiceGain in India. VoiceGain is a cloud based speech IVR platform in Indiavoicegain targeted towards Indian small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

VoiceGain is a cloud telephony solution that allows Indian SME enterprises to store, manage and track telephone sales inquiries and leads. It allows sales inquiries to be routed real time to their field sales personnel on their mobile phone – anytime, anywhere. It also helps such organizations to offer customer support with a virtual call center technology infrastructure on a pay-per-use model.

Currently, VoiceGain offers 3 packaged products:

1. VoiceGain Pro is a cloud telephony service that helps growing businesses provide a high quality and professional caller experience to their prospects and customers

2. VoiceGain Service is a cloud telephony offering that helps call centers, both captive and outsourced, ramp their telephony infrastructure without having to make significant capital investments in on-premise PBX, ACDs and IVRs.

3. VoiceGain Sales is a cloud telephony offering that helps businesses with a distributed sales force route, respond, and manage their telephone leads.

» Similar products in cloud telephony space: Kookoo, Exotel 


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