This Restaurant in Tokyo Might Not Bring Your Order, But You’ll Still Love It

If I tell you that the waiter will get you the wrong order the next time you visit a particular restaurant, then you’d probably decide to stay away from that restaurant. However, a new restaurant in Tokyo’s Toyosu district is offering exactly this. And contrary to what you might think, it’s an absolute blast!
This new restaurant is called The Restaurant of Order Mistakes. It has a mission to hire staff with Dementia. The premise of the restaurant is that the staff might get your order wrong and serve you something else from the menu. But more likely than not, that dish comes as a delicious surprise because it’s completely unanticipated.

The restaurant conducted a trial run between the second and fourth of June. Most of the visitors had a wonderful time. Noted food blogger, Mizuho Kudo, originally ordered a hamburger but was served gyoza dumplings instead. Like many others, she couldn’t have been happier with the switch.
What adds to the experience is witnessing the staff at work. Most of the staff is full of smiles and laughter. They seem to be having a ton of fun, while also working as hard as possible!

It provides perspective that with a little understanding, patients with Dementia can also be functioning members of the society.
The event was a huge success! And the initiators of the restaurant are planning a similarly themed event to commemorate  World Alzheimer’s Day (September 21st).

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