Restaurant Search Engine Tunnn Will Tell You What’s Good Around Where

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Restaurant Search Engine Tunnn Will Tell You What’s Good Around Where

TunnnWhen it comes to eating out, mood and atmosphere is pretty much everything. Of course distance and budget is also a factor. Gurgaon based Tunnn is a mood and atmosphere based search engine for restaurants and bars.

What it does best is to tell people which joint is good for what. Say you are looking for the best rooftop restaurant around. You could select the location and check “rooftop” from a drop down and it gives you a list of roof top restaurants around the area.

The startup’s content team visits restaurants personally and also go through reviews to make sure that the listings are of good quality. People wanting to list their property or event on the site have the option to do so.

Here’s a quick Q&A with the team.

How do you make sure that a joint is good for something? Is it based on user feedback?

This is the soul of Tunnn. Our editors and content developers visit the place personally. We also try to read as many reviews as possible to see if that place is actually good for what we have experienced. We do not endorse any of the restaurant. We try and make the restaurant search as easy as possible for a user.

What is your revenue model?

Currently the site is free of any advertisements and we plan to go this way for another 6-8 months. This will help us focus on quality contents while being neutral.
We will be introducing a lot many features that would also include paid feature listings on the website in future.

What has been the traction like?

Its good so far. As of now we have an average of 300-350 unique visitors on our site everyday. Our facebook page is also getting popular. Miles to go.

How is the company funded?

The company is funded by Firstbase Media.

What cities are you operational in?

The site is operational in 6 cities for now: Delhi/NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata. Delhi/NCR, Bangalore and Mumbai are our current focus.

The website needs to tweak usability. For instance, the big search box which says “find a good time around you…” doesn’t tell the user what exactly he is supposed to key in there. Are you supposed to type in the location? Or key in what you want to eat? Or your mood? When you start typing, it auto suggests locations. Users might figure it out eventually, but its easier when its more obvious.

The idea is pretty neat and the current implementation is good enough for early adopters. But there is a lot of work to be done for it to become easy for mainstream users. There are established players like Zomato and Timecity, which recently acquired Gawbl, in the game. Keep in mind, that the product is very young. It was launched only a month ago and it is likely to get a lot better over the coming days.

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