Glee: An App Platform that brings customer engagement and loyalty management to retailers

In terms of benefit to customers, Glee is targeting increase repeat purchase by 25%, word-of-mouth recruitment by 30% and in the whole process, bringing down one’s customer acquisition cost by 25%.

In the days of smartphone devices, can retailers afford to miss out on opportunity apps provide? Consumers are embracing apps and the early adopters in B2B space who embrace app platform surely stand to gain in the long run.

Infact, after email and social networking, shopping is the third most common activity done on mobile. But the truth is that retailers have not yet woken up to the opportunities mobile web entails*.

Mumbai based startup, HalfCookie has launched Glee, a mobile based customer engagement platform that is targeted towards retailers, online shops,banks or any consumgleeer brands. It’s a white label product, enabling its buyers to have their own, branded mobile app on all popular mobile platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and on mobile web. Apart from the fact that it takes less than two weeks to go live, the app is totally free for B2B buyers.

App Features

  • Your Own Branded Smartphone App In Less Than Two Weeks
  • No Up-Front Fee, Pay Per Download
  • Cloud Hosted
  • Geo-Fencing And Location Tracking
  • POS Integrated
  • White label so that you can engage with your customers with your branding

Once you have your app installed in customer’s device, you can showcase your products/catalog in various ways.

  • Product catalog
  • Featured products/Bestsellers
  • Multi-category products
  • Integrate with loyalty programs
  • Mobile Vouchers
  • Track redemption

The features are well thought through with core objective being engage,entice and reward the customers. Importantly, the app mixes platform play with a pure SAAS pricing – i.e. B2B customers do not need to pay any upfront fee, unless the apps are downloaded.

What’s the typical use-case, if you may ask?

Very simple. Getting a presence in one’s smartphone is what retailers would like to have. Glee founder, Rajesh Chokhani shares the following use-case for the platform

– User downloads glee powered mobile app for incentive like Rs 100 cash voucher while browsing  shop or during checking out.
– The app allows  to engage with the customer by sending personalized feeds,offers,new products and coupons.
– You entice the customer through product catalog on mobile that he can share with friends.
– You can also integrate your existing loyalty program or start new one and let customer manage his reward points and see benefits catalog.

Glee cofounder, Rajesh Chokhani mentions that they share deep analytics by capturing rich data about the customer including spend analysis, location navigation, social and preference graph. In terms of benefit to customers, Glee is targeting increase repeat purchase by 25%, word-of-mouth recruitment by 30% and in the whole process, bringing down one’s customer acquisition cost by 25%.

But what about the app content? Do retailers need to create it separately?

Glee team mentions that content effort is minimal as brand already has content with them (in their social media plus in their online product catalog etc).

We don’t need them to create a new content, we just allow them to use their content more effectively. We allow in our platform to target each content feed based on the customer segment. So basically the content that is needed to engage is as follows.

As far as traction is concerned, Glee has grabbed a leading shopping destination and is in talks with several firms for the white label app platform.

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*: Check out this interesting infographics by Cognizant on state of retail mobility.

Retail Mobility
Retail Mobility

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