Reverie launches SDK for app developers to enable text display, typing and transliteration in multiple languages

When you first hear about what the startup Reverie does, your first reaction would be, ” Is there even a market for that?”. Reverie provides SDKs for various platforms so that the developers can support multiple languages for their apps. At the surface this may seem like a trivial problem and solution, but a the core lies the potential to tap into India’s large number of non-English speakers.reverie

In a world where the vast majority of text communication either on the internet or on the mobile communication takes place via English. Reverie as a software company provides solutions for developers, hardware manufacturers and other content providers to optimize their offering to support the various regional languages.

With a support for a number of South-Asian languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Kannada along with international languages like Nepali, Thai and Japanese among a host of others. What differentiates the offering of Reverie is the fact that its products have low memory footprint, and supports various mobile platforms. Its interface is designed such that mobile phones ranging from an entry level device to a high end smartphone is capable of text display and text input in various languages with minimum number of keystrokes for the input.

The startup is a boon for developers looking forward to tap into India’s mobile rich consumer base speaking a variety of languages or those looking to expand into the other South Asian countries. The developers can tap into the rich reservoir of languages supported by Reverie and can provide hyperlocal services in the regional languages. Features such as UI controls in case of the SDK for Android, support for multiple languages and screen sizes makes the app development a breeze.

At UnPluggd, Reverie launched its SDK for application developers to enable text display, typing and transliteration in multiple languages. Using Reverie’s SDKs for popular platforms like Android, J2ME, etc, application developers can enable their applications to support such languages almost instantly. The SDK for android contains a set of UI controls like buttons, text boxes, edit boxes etc. that are extensions of Android default SDK controls.

The SDK contains the following features & components.

  1. Text rendering and fonts to enable text display.
  2. Keypads and predictive input for typing and interactivity.
  3. Transliteration for phonetic conversion of contents from any language to several other languages.
  4. Cross language string matching.

This makes the application development or porting, seamless. The SDK for J2ME or Symbian also provide a set of easy to use APIs with examples of sample usages. The SDK is delivered as a library that becomes a part of a project which uses it. There is no installation process or any IDE plugin, making the use independent of IDE type of version. The size of the SDK, memory requirement and performance are optimised to work on entry level devices without compromising on functionalities or user experience.

Apart from this, Reverie is doing some other interesting stuff like transliteration of content between various languages. The best use-case scenario is where the lyrics of a song are transliterated between various languages without affecting the song or a chat between two people in different languages is actively transliterated.

Reverie has been enjoying its fair share of success. Winner of Qualcomm’s QPrize’s India winner, Reverie got $100,000 as an investment prize along with that their technology is being used in Qualcomm’s reference platform for Android. Apart from that it has major brands like Videocon and the Future Group as its customers. Reverie was also the partner of Datawind for the ill-fated UbiSlate tablet, aiming to provide it the ability to render complex languages, keypad support and ultimately bridging the information gap between the non-English and English speaking users.

Watch this demo video

and the earlier recorded interview with Reverie cofounder, Arvind Pani

[Reverie launched its SDK at UnPluggd, India’s Biggest Startup Event. ]

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