PerSquareFeet wants you to review builders (all things related real estate)

There are tons of review sites for consumer services, so why not one dedicated to real estate services?

PersquareFeet lets you rate/review/share experiences on builders, brokers, architects, and everything else related to home and commercial space.

The site charges businesses (real estate etc) to add their business detail (freemium model), while consumers can register for free and rate/review the services (the site has QnA features as well).

The challenge for portal is ofcourse to get traction – as rating/reviewing of these services is not a utilitarian thing to do (only few % of buyers are in a position to review these services) and frankly, there is no incentive for them to do so (buying house is a one-time phenomena for mass users)

Here is what PerSquareFeet should do (our opinion) – start collating the real estate (and related) content (deals/data) – so that users start visiting the site with a purpose – and in the process, engagement hooks keep them pluggd.

There has to be an intent for a user to visit a site – and pure rating/review doesn’t help in achieving this.

Do give PerSquareFeet a spin and share your comments.

What do you think?

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