Review of Rediff’s Product Search Portal


Review of Rediff’s Product Search Portal

rediff product search Rediff has recently enhanced it’s product comparison portal ( – have added new categories (bike and car comparison) and a few new functionalities.

The enhanced portal enables one to compare products across 16 categories like Electronics, Mobile, Automobiles etc., receive price alerts (when price of a product reaches a certain amount, you will be notified) and one can also track the price movement/fluctuations of the product in the last 6 months (price history).

The product has some jagged edges and apart from few bugs, there are a couple of missing


  • Parameter based search – Most of the times, searchers don’t actually know which products do they want to compare. Is it Samsung B100 or SGH 100? Am I supposed to remember the model number? Actually I don’t have to.
    The search process typically follows these steps:

    • Exploration and fixing the choices – Parameter based search queries (i.e. show me cellphones with camera capability, bluetooth etc)..
    • Compare and Eliminate
    • Buy (in most of the cases, from offline store)

Rediff’s product search misses the first point, but is also serving as lead generator for the stores – one can choose to be contacted by seller representative to get further information about the product by sending a free sms to the seller (from the site).

The price history feature is quite helpful, as it helps in making the buying decision (i.e. whether to buy now or hold the decision for the next festive season?)

  • SEO – With so many product comparison sites coming up, it’s really important to have a SE friendly portal. Rediff’s product search isn’t.

What’s your take on Rediff’s product search portal? Which portal do you use for product comparison?

Interesting product in this space: ReviewGist and QuarkRank

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