Product Review: TrackEveryCoin [PI’s 10 Point Review]

[We strongly believe that the best way to review a product is to use it like a user (and not as a reviewer) and here is the review of TrackEveryCoin (profiled yesterday, Track Personal Finance with TrackEveryCoin) ]

Totally a personal take, based on a few minutes of usage, and years of tracking every coin on Google Spreadsheets (Realistically, you’re looking at people who’ve already reached a certain level of financial maturity, and you have only a couple of minutes of their time!).

Personal Finance Expense Tracker

Disclosure: I did not use the device. I did not use the mobile app (“coming soon”, it says).

Review: TrackEveryCoin

  1. I signed up (easy enough, but when I agree to T&C, I cannot read them), verified my email (takes me to a very very barebones page).
  2. Added a few expenses in a couple of categories. Easy enough. There’s Expenses, and Income. Simple enough.
  3. The one page layout including the category spends is nice.
  4. The split-expenses-with-someone is handy – but isn’t thrown up as what you’re owed, etc. Point ?
  5. The categories are fixed – not my world view, necessarily.
  6. Very alpha feel to the site. I already mentioned the missing T&C link. And on the “Income” page, the graph still says “Category-wise Spending”. No help/tour, etc, to your rescue anywhere.
  7. My read: Haven’t thought through user profiles, who’s using this, to what end (what you do with this software not apparent).
  8. From what I read, the device is expensive.
  9. So far, Google Doc continues to win over this, given that the spreadsheet offers more flexibility. An individual doesn’t have too many expenses to remember at the end of a day so no big deal.
  10. Ok, I couldn’t think of 10 things. The product’s just too raw. Lean is good, but there is such a thing as incompleteness.

Sorry if it sounded scathing guys, I’m always on the lookout for personal finance software which can wean me off the crappy looking spreadsheets. And was excited that this much awaited product developed right here in India was finally out.

So far, meh.

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