ReviewGang – Consolidated Reviews of Hindi Movies [We need it!]

Next time when you decide on a Bollywood flick, do not refer to just one or two reviews here and there. Drop in at ReviewGang and see all major reviews by all the stakeholders of Bollywood. Better still, contribute with your own reviews on movies as well for the general benefit of population. Both Bollywood & we really need it 🙂

ReviewGang aggregates reviews by known & trusted critics (editors) and gives a consolidated critic rating on a movie too. For example, on ‘Karthik Calling Karthik‘ you can find all reviews spread across National dailies, TV channel reviewers and Internet based media. What I personally found useful is the official synopsis from ReviewGang, which like looking at behind of a book/DVD before buying into the movie.

Another kickass feature that I found was that of evaluating the behavior of trusted critics – i.e. editors of media cos. Check out comparison of critic’s ratings in the pic below. One reviewer belongs to newspaper industry, another to television media and another to Internet(digital media):

Observe the area around My name is Khan!

ReviewGang also allows you to listen to full albums from the latest bollywood releases free and legally. It is pertinent to mention here that Cricket & Bollywood – two biggest entertainments for Indians – are all game over the internet now. We at #Pi really liked the simple interface of the website, which seems more like a cool mashup of IMDB & RottenTomatoes. It would be great if ReviewGang went further, allowing user comments under the reviews sourced by trusted critics and also if it thought a little about encouragement (along with curation) of ‘User Generated’ reviews. Engagement with the market is the mantra.

Dear Pi readers, do give ReviewGang a flick!

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