Going Shopping? Make Sure to Carry Reviews42 with You [App Review]


Going Shopping? Make Sure to Carry Reviews42 with You [App Review]

reviews42How many times have we found ourselves standing in a retail store wondering if a product is cheaper online or in the store right in front of us?

Product research platform Reviews42, which raised Series A Funding from Nirvana Venture Advisors, Rahul Khanna & Others earlier this week, has released its Android app. While there are many apps in this space, we found this to be one of the most beautifully designed as well as a feature rich app.

The app will probably come most handy when someone is in a retail store and will want to find the lowest prices and reviews for a product.


The app brings all the popular features from the website to the app such as consumer reviews, expert reviews, lowest prices and detailed features.

Just like on the website one can search for products across various categories like computers, mobile phones, electronics, baby products, cameras, health and beauty, bicycles, ACs and washing machines. It also provides the option to find reviews and best prices of products. One can also find specifications, features, ratings and reviews of the product.

UI and UX

As we have mentioned above before this is one of the best looking apps present on the Google Play Store right now. It is filled with smooth transitions and animations which make using the app a pleasant experience. As soon as one opens the app, you are greeted with a orange screen that slowly blurs out into the search screen. We think putting the search functionality right upfront and so prominent is a brilliant idea, since the app’s chief purpose is to find things.

One can search either by entering a brand or product and the app auto complete and gives suggestions and does this very fast.

If one can does not want to search for something specific, you can just click the ‘X’ at the bottom of the page  or the Reviews42 logo on the top which will take you into the Category section. There is a beautiful transition that happens when does this, which is basically a slideshow collage of the product category cover images.

Each category has a lovely cover image along with an icon and the category in text, very well laid out. Clicking on a category will take you to a list of options to further narrow down your search. We have to say that the categories and the further list of options is one of the best we have seen so far.

After this the products are further listed in tabs such as most reviewed, lowest priced, best rated, recently added, most popular,  recently reviewed and highest prices. One can move between tabs by just swiping left and right. One can also narrow down the search further here by choosing a particular brand. The UI in this section a dark textured background with the text for the categories just the perfect size.

The real magic starts when one reaches the product page. One can easily see a thumbnail of the product as well as the average rating from reviewers of the product. Just like in the search there are various swipe able tabs here for price, reviews, features and ratings. The price tab displaying prices from various online retail stores as long as the date on which it was updated. A great feature to have especially when prices keep changing constantly. Clicking on the price will take you directly to the website on your mobile browser.

The feature section is very well thought out. Instead of just listing the specs, the specification category is listed and clicking on that will reveal the actual details. The rating section will list out what the product is good at and what are the bad features and like the rest of the app does it in a very visual fashion.

The feeling that I got on using this app was that this was a well thought out app, with Reviews42 using the knowledge they have from running a great website and incorporating it into a feature packed app which is well designed.

What We Miss

We did miss certain features of the website like the ability to compare products, the expert review section and also similar products. We hope that Reviews42 includes these in future versions of the app.

We also noticed that Reviews42 does not have product listing for Music/Movies or Books, either on the website or the app, so this app though it has a wide variety of products will probably not be the only shopping companion app you need.

Do download Reviews42 on your Android and let us know what you think.

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