Rhydhun: High Quality Streaming music for your desktop

rhydhunRhydhun is a desktop music player that streams bollywood music to your desktop and at the time of writing this post, there are 109,726 tracks and 13,146 albums.

Like any music player, Rhydhun lets you create your playlists and search for songs (by genres, singers, music directors, movie)..but Rhydhun’s USP lies in it’s unmatched song clarity. Unlike other sites like raga/indiafm etc, Rhydhun clearly scores an edge on the quality of streaming music and has smartly optimized audio decoding.

Having said that, the product doesn’t really have much to offer beyond the streaming music and that to me, is not reallya great differentiator. In my opinion, to increase stickiness, the desktop client

  • Needs to support all other file systems a user listens to (i.e .mp3, .wav, .xspf, .m3u etc), i.e be the default music player.
  • Discoverability – why do I listen to amiestreet? mxplay? Last.fm? Because they result in ‘serendipity’, i.e. discovery of songs I wouldn’t have known otherwise (and that’s why I am hooked on to these products)
  • Fun – Though many of you may not agree to this, but once you start using MxPlay, you will actually understand the meaning of having fun with the music. You can twist ‘n’ turn the speakers, mix and match songs/videos..basically a web2.0 style product which lets you do more (read ‘mashup‘) than just listen to the music.

Next question – how does one build a discoverability part in a product? Well, to start off, Rhydhun needs to have interactive ways (maybe tagging) to learn more about the user profile – for e.g. if I am interested in ‘sufi’ songs, Rhydhun should be able to point me to interesting numbers from Atif Aslam, Kailash Kher etc..

Overall, Rhydhun has successfully taken care of streaming quality, but they need to go beyond the regular features to increase the stickiness. As far as I am concerned, I will still use mxplay and Last.fm – and as far as online music is concerned, I still prefer hypem and the recently launched Y! EasyListener.

Interestingly, Rhydhun is built by 22 year old Anand Aiyer, who earlier built the famous streaming site, MusicIndiaOnline.

What’s your take on desktop streaming service?

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