Ride-Hailing Cabs like Uber do more harm to environment (69% more pollution than trips they displace) (www.ucsusa.org)

Ride-hailing trips today result in an estimated 69 percent more climate pollution on average than the trips they displace, as per a study by Union of Concerned Scientists.

1. A non-pooled ride-hailing trip is 47 percent more polluting than a private car ride.

2. An electric, pooled ride-hailing trip can cut emissions by 68 percent compared with a private vehicle trip in the average car, or about 79 percent compared with a non-pooled ride-hailing trip.

The real reason why ride hailing cabs aren’t helping the environmental cause?

3. People have started prefering cabs over mass transit.

A survey of ride-hailing users across California asked riders what they would have done if they had not taken a ride-hailing vehicle. 24 percent of non-pooled rides would have been taken in a lower-carbon mode such as mass transit, walking, or biking, or the rides would not have occurred at all.