Ridesharing : From World War II to today, it has come a long way.

Ride sharing is increasing rapidly across the world. The aim of ride sharing is to reduce traffic congestions and also reduce the number of vehicle on roads.
We all believed that on-demand ridesharing concept has been introduced first by Uber (four-wheeler) and Rapido (two-wheeler), but you will be surprised to know that it has been introduced during World war II when there was shortage of gas and it has also been used during 70’s when there were energy and oil crises. With the help of technology, we’ve revolutionised this concept in the 21st Century & given it a new name called “pooling”.

The ride-sharing concept has brought a revolution in the transportation industry. The main benefit of sharing a ride is to save money on your fuel. It would be great if all the insurance companies reduce their price for all car and bike poolers.
Transportation is one of the largest sectors which causes Air Pollution in India. Reducing the number of vehicles on roads will help to improve air quality which curbs the effects of global warming.
Ride sharing economy has both positive and negative impact. Not all is good in the ridesharing economy, cases of sexual assaults have been increased in uber which is a serious issue and needs to be taken care of. Also, there is no surety that you’ll get the pooling rider when you’re dire need one.
As we have reformed the ride-sharing concept with the help of new technology, we can expect to see such more innovations in the same industry such as the use of an autonomous vehicle or predictive software which can provide a ride to a customer when in need. It has an impact on world economy and investors are also interested in startups who are running this concept.
Despite all good and bads, the future of ridesharing concept seems very lucrative. Startups running on this concept observes an unprecedented growth in a shorter period of time. Ride sharing concept has the potential to become future of community and public transportation.

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