The New Road Safety Bill Will Come Out With An ‘Explained’ Definition Of Taxi-Hailing Services Like Uber, Ola

taxiAccording to the new draft of Road Transport and Safety Bill 2015, the mobile app-based taxi hailing services like Uber and Ola will be no more defined as mere ‘aggregators’.
The latest draft of Road Safety Bill defines these services as a “digital intermediary or marketplace for a passenger to connect with a driver having the requisite qualifications under the laws in India.”
The draft Bill further explains that an “on demand transportation technology aggregator” must be compliant with all applicable regulations prescribed under and pursuant to the Information Technology Act, 2000, including the intermediary guidelines. The service aggregator shall not own or lease any vehicles, employ any drivers or represent themselves as a taxi service unless also registered as a taxi operator under the applicable law.
These services are presently not under any regulations as technically they are not taxi operators but merely aggregators. Laying down a clear definition, these mobile apps will come under the law when it is passed.

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