Rock On 2 Movie Review : If Rock On was an Enfield, this is..

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Rock On 2 Movie Review
Rock On 2 Movie Review

Now, let’s get straight to the movie and let me share a quick and useful review of Rock On 2, the much awaited sequel to Rock on.

TLDR : Very slow and lacks the soul of Rock On.

Carrying on from the title, If Rock On was an Enfield, Rock On 2 turned out to be an Enticer. 

No offense to Enticer, but it was just a wannabe Enfield and lacked the soul (sure, feel free to disagree).

The original Rock On was a story of friends, music, emotions, fun, relationships great music and amazingly refreshing rock music.

Without disclosing the story, all I call tell you is that Rock On 2 just lacked everything.

Rock On 2 Music

I attended the Rock On 2 rock show and the most interesting part of the show was the way crowd went mad each and every time Farhan Akhtar played the original Rock On songs – and how clueless the crowd was when Shraddha Kapoor (and Farhan) sang songs from the new movie.

That should have given the team a sense of where this is all headed – the audience still hasn’t really warmed up to the new music ..because its just isn’t fun as the original one.

From a story line point of view, the team took the safest and most predictable storyline – one man on a guilt trip, second one making lotsa money and the other sick of working for stupid ads. They come together to make al.

The only reason why you can still go ahead and watch Rock On 2 is Meghalaya and Usha Uthup’s Hoi Kiw (she is the trump card!).

Everything else is broken and lacks soul (including music). So skip this movie if you can (thank me later). There is no magik in Rock On 2.

For now, watch my most fav song from the original Rock On.

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