Rock On, the much awaited movie about a rock group’s journey  – story of 4 boys who “put together the greatest band this country has ever seen, but never make it. Ten years hence, fate conspires to bring them together again and set them on a journey back to where they left off… a soul-searching pilgrimage into their past.”

The movie has generated quite an interest and the entire concept is being debated by rock bands – in terms of the success story, struggle and the inspiration ‘Rock on’ has derived from Pentagram.

Rock On: The Movie

But where is the discussion happening?

That’s the interesting part ! ‘Rock On’s production company, Excel movies has partnered with BigAdda for the official’ conversation/artifacts (downloads, user group/contest etc).

But the irony is that the real conversation is happening @ Rock On’s Facebook page, and not at BigAdda.

Interesting stats

  • Facebook group has ~4,100 members,while BigAdda’s group (called Rock On Adda) has only 28 members!
  • The FB group is moderated by Farhan/Abhishek while BigAdda group is lying idle with almost no real traction.

What does this mean?

Most of these social networks/media companies are partnering with Bollywood, finding new ways to get into ‘instant’ buzz game (a blip in the traffic) – but they fail to attract serious users, or even to keep them engaged.

At the core, it’s a question of ‘differentiation’ – one just can’t beat an existing player without doing ‘something‘ different – be it operationally, featuristi-cally or by any other means.

It’s also a question of intent and user’s intents lie where the platform is (and that’s irrespective of whether it’s an Indian platform or a US platform, i.e. the concept of ‘made in india’ doesn’t work in digital world).

I guess most of Indian socionets are having a hard time justifying their existence.

What’s your opinion?