Of Rocketing Growth And The Real Slim Shady of India Internet Space

Ashish Sinha did an interesting post (Rocket Internet in India: What’s the Big Deal?) on NextBigWhat.com on Jabong’s growth and their team/execution. I know not much about the team or quality to vouch but I am definitely amazed by what they have been able to do with their traffic. It just sky rocketed right through flipkart traffic. Ashish too has wondered whether to use alexa, compete etc. Most are close and relative trends mostly are correct.

Having closely observed relative traffic to all these sites through multiple public data sources, it is pretty clear that Jabong today is getting more traffic than Flipkart (around 250K  mark – with Flipkart relative number being less than 200K) i.e., as of today not even a month ago. That is what is so amazing about this rocketing venture from Rocket Internet.

Ecommerce India and Google Trends
Ecommerce India and Google Trends

(Graph from Google Trends: Interesting tit-bit – try region as India & watch for the tricks from Flipkart & Infibeam in 2009)

Now watch carefully for the patterns.

  • Infibeam is flat.
  • Infibeam and Myntra aren’t growing enough compared to their competitors.
  • Myntra had some traffic back in 2009 and went flat for next 1.5 years.
  • Flipkart did its rocketing in Oct 2011 when they started advertising on TV and then on a good upward projectile.
  • Flipkart grew rapidly in 2009 (anyone remember the front page keywords ;) ) traffic peaked from Oct 2009 till April 2010 [The Panda raid].
  • Someone please investigate what causes the projectile growth & peak for homeshop18 ?
  • If you looked at India only growth – Flipkart probably got significant India traffic only with TV ads & not before.

The most gaping fact of the entire graph – Jabong got all the traffic that flipkart took 6 months to build from TV in the last 2 months. Wow!

The TV ad is great. Indians love drama, don’t we? And that has probably got more likes and mental note than the creative & cheerful ads of flipkart (they were cute but still not there yet for India). Sadly enough, Myntra hasn’t been able to get even a small bump in its traffic all these days with Crores poured into TV campaign.

So was it the awesome TV ad? Of course not. As someone rightly commented on NextBigWhat.com post – its probably the effect of aggressive email marketing (call it spam). There are many others who have done that in India – fashionandyou, crazeal etc.

Either way, today, Jabong leads in the market share of visitors in retail ecommerce.

What are the other Internet sites who advertise on TV? All the listing sites – so let us see where they stand – olx, quickr, sulekha.. You will be in for a surprise.

Classified vs. Ecommerce Traffic in India
Classified vs. Ecommerce Traffic in India
  • Quikr.com has almost double the traffic as OLX.in and even Flipkart.com
  • If you check the estimates from Google Ad Planner (which are actually very close to real numbers from what I know) – quickr has 9% penetration in India while Flipkart has 4.3%

So all the listing sites are quite ahead of Flipkart & Jabong in capturing visitors. Want to know who the big guy is – it isn’t any of the travel portals or songs.pk and not even espncricinfo.com with all the IPL heat!

Will the real slim shady please stand up?

Babylon: The Real Slim Shady of India Internet?
Babylon: The Real Slim Shady of India Internet?

Babylon.com – the translation software!

Now, of course that’s shady. It is a whopping 12% of India traffic as reported by Google. Any marketers in the readers would now connect why Babylon.com is the 2nd or 3rd popular source in their Organic Traffic in analytics

[Guest article contributed by Jyothirmayee, Founder of Hiveminds.in. Reproduced from her blog post.]

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