Rocket Singh and Customer Experience – Few Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Recently released movie “Rocket Singh” may or may not be hit among the movie buffs but it surely has a message or two to take away which can benefit entrepreneurs, especially in India. Not everything is practical but things which are can really make a difference.

Don’t strive to get Customers, get evangelists.

Buyers today are much more conscious about overall experience than ever. Every interaction with your customer is an opportunity to influence and to turn him into a talking billboard for your company. Give them the respect and the little love they deserve and you will be duly rewarded.

Rocket Singh Salesman of the year
Rocket Singh Salesman of the year

You don’t have it, you can’t fake it

Rule books are not the way to go if you aim to be good at customer service. Your team should be passionate about seeing that smile on customer’s face even if this requires you to go that extra step. These things are part of an organization’s culture and can’t be enforced. Moreover, culture is difficult to change, set it right as early as possible.

Understand Competition.

However big your competition is, if they are not consumer centric, you have an opportunity. Confirm that the market is indeed experience sensitive and gauge how difficult is to delight customer. Web based companies in particular have a level playing field against competitors in most cases and should leverage it. The bulk and fat your competitions have accumulated won’t let them run faster even if they want to. Indian web space, for example, is filled with such companies (huge opportunity!).

The team

This one has been coming up over and over on this blog. Your team should have right skills, should gel well and should be passionate about your product and services.

A successful business demands much more than a good product offering. The sooner you get it, better are your chances to become remarkable and not many want to settle for something less than remarkable.

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[Guest article by Anshul Agarwal of Designgrill. ]

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