RockeTalk launches Profile Ring Back Tone, Partners with Youtube’s Olympic theme song

RockeTalk has launched Profile Ring Back Tone (PRBT), a social distribution tool  for advertisers and the company has partnered with Youtube’s theme song for Olympics 2012.

Due to an all-round Olympics frenzy this season, most brands have used the ‘Olympics theme’ in their advertising communication, rendering the Olympic conversation noisy. This posed a challenge for YouTube Youtube_pledgewhen reaching out to the mobile user with its theme song cheering the Indian squad. The common ‘download a ringtone’ message was sure to be less effective, considering the over-used ‘download’ tool on the one hand and a multitude of Olympic themed downloads on the other hand.

Unlike the CRBT (Caller Back Ringtone), PRBT plays every time a user is called and can be heard by the person calling, the PRBT (Profile Ring Back Tone) sits on the user’s social profile page and plays every time a visitor or friend visits it. The innovation is a first of its kind done by a brand in the mobile social space.

Users were invited to take a pledge with YouTube, supporting the Indian Olympics team and urged to set the YouTube special song as their Profile Tone in support of the Olympics spirit. Users simply had to click on an invite banner or an invite message in their inbox and the inspirational tone was automatically set as their profile tone on their social profile page. The moment anyone visited the profile, the YouTube track played on its own as the Profile Tone.

YouTube’s two-week “cheer for the Indian squad” campaign is already on its way to clock over 1 Lakh PRBT opt-ins, leading to 10 Lakh socially recommended ‘listens’ of the theme song.

As an advertising innovation, the strength of the campaign lies in the fact that a Profile Tone set by a user is not only heard by her, but by every user who visits her profile (i.e. social recommedation combined with a contextual advertising inventory for advertisers).

Meanwhile, enjoy this special theme song for Olympics

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