Talking About Entrepreneurship Phases, This Founder Has Seen-It-All. Meet Rohan @UnPluggd

Very few founders are *lucky* enough to see the different flavors of entrepreneurship in a short span of time.

‘Survival’.’Fame’. ‘Rejections’. “Being Written Off’. ‘Survival’. ‘Growth’. ‘Still Trying’

Meet Rohan Shravan, Founder of NotionInk.
Rohan is one of the few entrepreneurs in India who have really pushed the envelope. They launched global products, created massive buzz, sold stuff, got written off, managed to survive and well, today Cain is one of the finest product in its segment!
Hear Rohan share-it-all at UnPluggd, India’s most amazing startup conference.

Date : December 6th.
Venue : Hotel Park Plaza, Marthahalli, Bangalore.
Speakers/Agenda : The partial list is out.
Registration details : Hop here.
Discount:Use the code NEXTBIGWHATTWO to grab 30 40% discount!! [valid only till this weekend].

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  1. Hello
    Today is the important fact everyone younger want Entrepreneur but only some guys can make ….
    first thing for make Entrepreneur is Change think for own life and others behavior…and younger people like me always try to best…
    Thank you for sharing about Entrepreneurship

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