Startup Roundup: RoomnHouse, Hammer, ShirtMogul, Photodilse

Indian Startups

Startup Roundup: RoomnHouse, Hammer, ShirtMogul, Photodilse

Besides the startups we profiled in detail earlier, here are some that caught our attention.  Rent a house on you next holiday at RoomnHouse. Start an interesting opinion poll at Hammer. Buy your next t-shirt at ShirtMogul. Post your photos on Photodilse.


roomnhouseRoomnHouse provides users with a selection of homes and private accommodations around India to rent out. With detailed property descriptions, photos and list of amenities and nearby attractions, it is possible to compare the various accommodation options available on the site. The platform is a free-to-use service for travelers and also features cheap accommodation options. The website also makes it easy to rent out your spare room, empty apartment, basement, garage or couch and generate income. You can list your available options for free on the site for travelers to chose from.


hammerHammer helps users in connecting with people having similar interests, for exchanging ideas, opinions and others. The portal connects people of all ages and walks of life across the world and help them communicate on any subject. With its web & mobile based application, the service intends to be a hangout place where users can give and take of opinion. Hammer lets users  share questions along with an image, post a comparison between two things through a pair of images, view & share news from around you with everyone else and more.

Users can vote for or against a post. “For It” means a favorable opinion for that photo posted in the question. “Against It” means a lesser preference or an unfavorable opinion for photo posted in the question. Users can sign up for free and ask or post any number of questions or opinions on the portal.


shirtmogulShirtMogul, is a Delhi based online E-commerce portal that retails in pop culture t-shirts featuring designs inspired from TV shows, movies, video games, books, comics and other media. The service has involved artists from around the world who create the artwork and they earn a royalty fee of $1 on every sale. The company ships its products to almost every corner of the world. They have customers mainly in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Brazil and India. Unlike other international websites that retail similar t-shirts, the company has kept its product pricing competitive and affordable.


photodilsePhotography is probably one of the most widespread hobbies and people across the globe enjoy clicking and sharing photos. Photodilse, inspired by other photo websites like Flickr, is another web based photo sharing platform which allows anyone from an amateur level to a professional photographers to share their work.

The website intends to help photographers by featuring their work and helping them gain popularity. Also each time a person shares the link of an image on social networking sites they will be promoting the work as well as the website. Each photographer submitting regularly to the website will be awarded a separate page that will include a short biography along with an interview. The photogs will also be allowed to promote their art, get potential clients and thereby spread their business.

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