Roundup of new launches : Reffster,KyaKare,mobshare, FirstPhera is offering people big cash rewards if they use it to successfully recommend a friend for a job. The service targets only premium Mid and Senior Management openings.… is offering people big cash rewards if they use it to successfully recommend a friend for a job. The service targets only premium Mid and Senior Management openings.
My take: Reffster seems to be a good way to reward users for their social nets. It would be interesting to watch how other HR consulting firm reacts to this.


Interestingly, the “Referral Recruitment” model was pioneered by US-based, which was available in India through But, Yellojobs has snapped it’s partnership with NDTVjobs and will now be available thru’ site.

As I mentioned earlier, there are other startups working on some real neat ideas. This space in India has been dominated by mediocre sites, but times, they are a changing!
As per the intro mail,

This site is a collaborative events listing and sharing site where anybody can add events for free. This site covers Art, Theatre, Dance, Drama, Music, Courses, Eating out, Health, TV, Radio Workshops, Seminars, Movies, Discounts, Deals and many more categories. It is also useful for small and medium businesses to promote their events locally for free. The website is designed to allow people to easily search for events and happenings in the city.kyakare

My take: Interesting seed content, Kyakare guys have taken the pains to aggregate quality event content. But at the same time, KyaKare guys need to work on improving the navigation and filters (e.g. city wise/event wise etc, right now the entire UI is too overwhelming)
Qn for founders: Do you guys want to build this as city specific event site or extend beyond cities to have “user generated events” as well? Well, one of the main catalyst for’s viral growth was that it turned into a platform for people to invite others for their events (be it a business event or personal). Do you wanna be a platform or a service?
Vikas, founder of FirstPhera says:

Its a wedsite (aka wedding website) builder for couples to save and share their wedding plans and memories. The site offers rich ajax based edit functionality in text / html and the ability to integrate blogs, discussion forums and rsvp as well. Additionally, we also provide other planning tools such as basic task list and guest list

Use the invite code: 0b983c1dd2 for registration.


My take: The site needs more flesh than what it has now. Do the founders plan to take this full-time (I mean are they really serious about this venture?)
On a funny, note, I see a strong synergy between FirstPhera and SecondShaadi, the missing link may be FirstDivorce: somebody wanna take this up? 🙂
As per Sony Joy, founder of mobshare:

mobsharemobshare is carefully placed between the mobile & internet space. The core service revolves around mms capability, i.e. one can click a photo/video on their phone & can upload it directly into their account by mms

My take: The service needs GPRS connectivity and if I have that, what’s stopping me from uploading pics to Flickr? What’s the extra value add from this service? Flickr has a better network, so why use mobshare?

Give these products a spin. How many of them do you think are serious players?

Just answer this qn: Will you use any of these services? I’d love to know.

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