Roundup of newly launched Indian startups: HelloIntern, Sales17,adhysteria


New startups on the radar screen. Please give them a spin and share your comments.

Hellointern: Aiming to be the portal for all info related to internship (listing of universities/opportunities in India/Scholarships etc).

Sales17: Sales17 is an on-demand sales/CRM tool and is currently in alpha (and free to use). I am not too sure how will they compete against SalesForce, which is targeting the Indian market as well (i.e. if Sales17 is targeting the Indian market).

Their mantra has to stay around a niche vertical for small-sized businesses (and the challenge is that significant % of small businesses are not tech savvy to deploy such systems)

adhysteria: An online classifieds site, adhysteria allows users to post video footage of their classifieds/ads along with images/audio. Users can view their classifieds and ads on Maps in 2d and 3d with technology via Google Earth.

Well, now that you guys are done with all possible web2.0 mashups, how about adding classifieds/reaching out to people to add classifieds?
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