Why WhatsNew? Well, Your App/Product Users Need to Know WhatsNew

So you have a product/an app and you launched a new feature. How do you tell the world? 

You blog about it and share the blog update with the social world (Tweets/Facebook).

But what about your existing app users/site visitors? How will they come to know? After all, they are your ‘captive’ audience and there has to be a non-obtrusive way to tell them what’s new with your product.whatsnew_logo

Enter WhatsNew.io, a fresh perspective to bringing blog updates to your site/app. Developed by SupportBee team which basically was scratching their own itch with the product and wanted to create a feature that would simply help them share product updates with SupportBee customers.

Ofcourse, big players like Asana etc have inbuilt systems, but WhatsNew.io is a SAAS platform play for app/site developers who do not have bandwidth to create a similar system for their product.

All you need to do is to put the RSS feed of your site, copy the javascript code in your website and you are done! WhatsNew will automagically take care of everything (blog updates are polled every hour). The product handles unsubscribe as well, so as to not get too obtrusive.

WhatsNew shows updates to your users in your app depending on when they last visited (using cookie information), unlike plain vanilla tools like HelloBar which show the same content to everybody visiting the site.

Plus, the JS is 100% async ensuring that the utility doesn’t impact your site download speed.


The beauty of WhatsNew.io is the analytics part – you get a detailed analytics about what’s being viewed and clicked. Using these actionable insights, you can define your inbound marketing strategy (you can also tag the links with utm_source and other variables to reflect in your Google Analytics dashboard). And yeah, if you still want to customize WhatsNew, you can do so using the product’s JS API (link).

WhatsNew Dashboard
WhatsNew Dashboard

An obvious question is why can’t notification tools like WebEngage do the same? Well, yes- they can. And they should have done this by now, but then startups are all about opportunities!

Do give WhatsNew a spin and share your feedback. 

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