RSS Volunteers Want Government To Take Legal Action Against Myntra For Selling Cow Leather Shoes

We have been saying that before Indian government pushes the ‘doing business in India is easier’ agenda, they should first look at #SellingInIndia and make that an easy and simple process for businesses.

Case in point : After so much of noise about the beef ban, RSS voluteers* now want the government to take action against Myntra for selling cow leather shoes!

Myntra’s first reaction ? An immediate sorry and an ask for approval ! (which wasn’t really needed)

“We appreciate your sentiments. We feel sorry if the sale of any particular item does not meet your approval.”

*note that the tweet is not from the official RSS handle, but from RSS volunteer group.

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  1. Why would Myntra do this and alienate some customers? They can take the easy route of apologizing and renaming the “cow” leather shoes to “imported” leather shoes and be done with it. the “cow” portion isn’t selling those shoes, so why not remove it?

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