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Well we’re not really a political site and don’t discuss politics in general but that’s not to say that we don’t take the functioning of our government seriously. While the country is currently in the middle of the Lokpal bill storm, RTI India has launched an Android app. RTI has empowered the Indian citizen and made the government more accountable, but how do you really use it? What is the fine print that we don’t know. This app provides you with all the information you need and lots more. Read on for our full review.

At first look the app seems a bit dull and may not grab a lot of eyeballs but underneath the hood is a robust app that is sure to impress with all its features. The app is not meant to be just a forum reader and navigator but much more than that, in fact there are some pretty good social networking features that are built into the app. You can add friends, post photos etc, and collaborate with other users to help you find anything that you may need to know about the RTI and how to file applications.

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The app provides a host of features like forums, articles, blogs and private messages. Although the visual appeal of the app is not there, the utility of the app is not lost. The app is fast and responsive and works even on low data connectivity without any lag. The articles section of the app is particularly interesting with posts that will truly turn you into an RTI expert yourself, with a bit of reading of course. You can comment on threads to help people or post a thread of your own to get help. The community driven structure of the app will keep you update on any developments that you may not be aware of. Plus the articles are full of great tips for first time RTI filers.

I can speak from personal experience that this app is definitely helpful. I remember last month when my entire neighbourhood was furious over the digging of a perfectly good road to lay a poorly constructed one right on top of it, some even suggested we file an RTI application to know who authorized the new construction and on what grounds they decided that it was necessary. But with lack of time and other reasons that lead to laziness nobody bothered to follow up. Now that this information is more readily available, hopefully somebody finds enough motivation to finally file that application.

As a standalone app looking only at the functionality this app has, this is pretty good, combine that with the information that it delivers and you have an awesome app for sure.

Rating: 4/5

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