RubyLearning.Org by Satish Talim was set up by Satish Talim, a Pune based entrepreneur who chanced upon the meta-programming language as a hobby back in 2005. The heydays of Ruby, that is. Today, as much as over 25,000 rubyists from over 140+ countries have benefited through his forum that provides basic to ultimate level of Ruby proficiency in a very simple web 2.0 format. As Satish puts it, the age range that benefits is from 12 to 80 years!

The core ruby course is for free.

Recently, Satish took to spreading the word about Ruby based products/companies from India. And if you are one from the Ruby RoR world, you can request for addition of your entry in the RubyLearning list with your comments below. Or spread the word among your friends who play with Ruby.

Satish has been involved in bringing Ruby and Rails course into the computer science syllabus at the University of Pune as well. A kickass initiative to bring in agile development concept early on. He has setup RubyLearning in chinese to break the barriers of English, which according to me is a great milestone achieved in the line of work he has chosen.

So if you wanna hack in Ruby, or congratulate Satish for his work, you can join or follow him on twitter. Cheers.

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