How to run 3 apps at the same time on galaxy tab 10.1 with Ice Cream Sandwich [Hack]

Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that android based devices have a way of surprising you with the things that they can pull off. And now there’s another…

Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that android based devices have a way of surprising you with the things that they can pull off. And now there’s another cool hack that we have come across and its nothing short of spectacular! Now there’s no doubt that this is an alpha or even pre-alpha build, the functionality this hack brings is awesome! Here’s a little background into this hack.

This hack is based on CM9 for galaxy tab 10.1, for those who are unfamiliar with CM- it stands for CyanogenMod the most popular aftermarket distribution for android devices. This particular build is available courtesy of roman, a developer at AOKP(Android Open Kang Project), a project where code it compiled from various sources and made available to the public. The developer in his original post makes it clear that this is not ready for prime time but still fun to play with.galaxytab10.1

The build has quite a few bugs and is for the WiFi only model, not available in India, but it works on the 3g model too. Just that mobile data connection doesn’t work and the WiFi is slightly buggy too.

Those who are unfamiliar with the rooting process or installing custom roms should not try this.

PS: holds no responsibility for bricked Galaxy tabs. Try this at your own risk!

Be sure to make a nandroid backup of your current android installation, you can do this by booting into CWM recovery mode and scrolling to backup and restore and make a backup. This will save the entire state of your android system along with the apps and data.

Download the rom and required Gapps zip files from here:

Save the rom to the root folder of your tab. Since this is a CyanogenMod rom default google apps will not be included and you will have to download the Gapps zip file too. Save this to the root folder of your Gtab 10.1

Boot into CWM recovery and flash the rom you have downloaded

Flash the Gapps zip file immediately after without rebooting.

The first boot may take longer than usual, but don’t worry it does take longer.

After first boot add your google account to sync up your device. If you do not see the option for adding a google account boot into recovery mode again and flash the Gapps file again.

The function for running 3 apps can be activated by running the app called “cornerstone”.

Well that’s about all that we can tell you, here’s a short video of our galaxy tab running the hack.

If some noobs are interested in a more detailed article on rooting and flashing leave a comment and we will come out with a more detailed instruction set on rooting. For more help you can always visit Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android Development – xda-developers.

Happy hacking!

PS: We take no credits for the development of this rom. All credits go to the team working on the Ice Cream Sandwich port for Galaxy Tab 10.1. Try this at your own risk!

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