RupeeMail – get paid to read emails (or spams?!)

RupeeMail is a recently launched “paid-to-read-email” product that basically helps you earn money by reading emails from advertisers!
How does RupeeMail work?rupeemail
All you have to do is register at their site and then you start receiving rupeemails. Each email will contain a link to advertiser site and also the monetary value of the click. Clicking on the link will get you richer by the monetary value of the ad.

A few questions (and a few observations)
Unfortunately, the target market for permission marketing (like RupeeMail) is not the market which advertisers would really want to target. What happens with such products is that the major subscriber base ends up with students who want to make some quick buck.
But is that the real target market for advertisers? In most of the cases, NO.

I instead see future for products like 160by2, since they solve some real pain (i.e. send free SMS across India) and in the process, they push ads with the SMS.

What do you say? Does paid-to-read-email has a future? Will you ever use it?
I look forward to your comments.
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