Rupert Murdoch: “I think we will remove our websites from Google’s search index”

Rupert Murdoch sent a strong signal, in an interview with Sky News Australia, against major search engines saying that they will disallow from indexing his News Corp. websites.

As Murdoch put it, “I think we will remove our websites from Google’s search index but that’s when we start charging.”

Further added:”The people who simply just pick up everything and run with it – steal our stories, we say they steal our stories – they just take them. That’s Google, that’s Microsoft, that’s, a whole lot of people … they shouldn’t have had it free all the time, and I think we’ve been asleep.”

This means media mogul is gearing towards pay-to-read model for visitors. In recent times, news business has witnessed large losses and here is a desperate move to restore the dominance of traditional news industry.

Do you think it’s a right move by Murdoch? Signal of time to come?

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