Rural India – Few Consumption Data to Blow your Mind

While there is a general tendency to equate rural India to BoP market, here are some of the consumption numbers that will blow your mind

  • 46% of the soft drinks sales happen in the rural areas.
  • Rural India accounts for 49% of motorcycle sales.
  • Rural India accounts for 59% of Cigarettes sales.
  • 53% of FMCG sales happen at Rural India.

    Rural India  Opportunities
    Rural India Opportunities
  • Talcum powder is used by more than 25% of rural India.
  • Lipsticks are used by more than 11% of the rural women and less than 22% of the urban women.
  • Close to 10% of Maruti Suzuki’s sales come from the rural market.
  • Hero Honda, on its part, had 50% of its sales coming from rural market in FY’09.
  • Rural India has a large consuming class with 41% of India’s middle-class and 58% of the total disposable income accounting for consumption.
  • By 2010 rural India will consume 60% of the goods produced in the country.
  • In 20 years, rural Indian Market will be larger than the total consumer markets in countries such as South Korea or Canada today, & almost 4 times the size of today’s urban Indian market.

Can you dare to ignore this market?

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