Russia Threatens To Block Reddit Over Marijuana Growing Thread

The Russian’s communication watchdog has warned that Reddit might get blocked in the country over a thread about tips for growing marijuana.

Roskomnadzor, the agency which regulates the internet and telecommunications, on Monday complained that Reddit wasn’t responding to requests about blocking a thread about “growing drug-containing plants.”

“It is conceivable that somebody became relaxed due to the August vacation season, but it’s not a good reason to risk one’s readers,” said the watchdog on a Russian social network Vkontakte.

The agency threatened that many operators might block Reddit due to technological features that don’t just allow them to block a particular thread.

Reddit’s policy doesn’t say anything about regulating discussions surrounding illegal activities such as drug use. The company takes down threads that infringe on copyrights and recently took down r/CoonTown.

Image credit: Shutterstock

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