DailyDose: Russia- China alliance wants more government voice in Internet oversight

Nexus 4 stock shortage

Electronics major LG says that the Nexus 4 is in short supply because its so popular. The supply situation is gloomy because of the “huge demand,” they said. The LG-built Nexus 4 went on sale in mid-November, but sold out in half an hour. It was briefly back in stock on Tuesday, but by Wednesday morning the 8GB version was already out of stock again. Andy Coughlin, the head of mobile at LG UK, said the phone “had proven extremely popular, and as such retailers have been met with huge demand”. [Source]

Instagram to disappear from Twitter totally

Users will stop seeing Instagram photos appear in their Twitter streams at all, now that the full effect of Instagram removing Twitter support takes hold. Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom announced last week that the company would stop showing photo in Twitter, heating up the photo battle. [Source]

Unlikely partners Apple-Google Team Up to buy Kodak patents

Apple and Google, two of the warring factions in the technology patent wars have joined forces to offer more than $500 million to buy Eastman Kodak Co. patents out of bankruptcy. Unlikely partnerships are typical in patent sales because they allow competitors to neutralize potential infringement litigation. A group including Apple, Microsoft Corp. and Research in Motion Ltd. bought Nortel Networks Corp.’s more than 6,000 patents for $4.5 billion out of bankruptcy last year. Google lost the auction for those patents after making an initial offer of $900 million. [Source]

Internet governance talks in jeopardy

An attempt to set global rules for overseeing the Internet threatened to fall apart on Friday as a rift pitting the United States and some Western countries against the rest of the world widened. But in a critical session at the 12 day International Telecommunications Union pow wow, delegates refused to adopt a U.S.-Canadian proposal to limit the treaty’s scope to traditional communications carriers and exclude Internet companies such as Google. Meanwhile, a Russia- China alliance wants greater govt voice in Internet oversight. The Russia-led proposal calling for sweeping new governmental powers to regulate cyberspace could enable countries to block some Web locations and wrest control of allotting Internet addresses from a U.S.-based body.[Source]

Facebook, Google, Zynga Ask Courts To Reject abstract Patents

An  amicus brief filed on Friday by Google, Facebook and six other tech companies, the asks the courts to reject lawsuits based on patents for vague concepts instead of specific applications because they rack up costs and retard innovation. The amicus curiae brief lets parties outside of a case volunteer information to help a court make a decision. The brief was cosigned by Zynga, Dell, Intuit, Homeaway, Rackspace, and Red Hat. [Source]

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