A porn actress sits backstage during a news conference to promote the "Expo Sex and Eroticism" adult exhibition in Mexico City, Mexico March 1, 2017. Carlos Jasso/Reuters

Russians now need a passport to watch online porn !

Watching porn is getting hard..for Russians. Atleast on one website!
Well, Pornhub (which was the only uncensored porn site till date in Russia) now requires Russians to login through Vkontakte account which needs one to verify phone number, passport and other personal credentials to establish their identity!

Why is Pornhub doing this?

PornHub was banned in Russia as someone uploaded a documentary which claims many of Russia’s top officials are corrupt, including Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The video was banned everywhere except PornHub as it was the only site was uncensored (Russia has very strict Internet access laws).

“This was the most effective and simple way to ensure compliance with Russian laws about the access to the content for adults. We are forced to adhere to Russian law in order to continue working actively on Russia’s territory” Dmitry Kolodin, a representative of PornHub in Russia (via).

Now imagine Indian govt taking cues for this and mandate Aadhaar integration ! 🙂

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