RVCE Students Builds super fuel efficient car (200Km/L)


Students of RV College of Engineering Bangalore, in order to represent their college in international events like SAE Supermileage and the Shell Eco-Marathons have built a super fuel efficient car that gives a mileage of 200Km/Litre.

Coined ‘Garuda RVCE supermileage car’, Key features of the car prototype include:

  • HONDA GK 100 97 cc, 2 Hp air cooled engine;
  • TAV 2 Torq_A-Verter and asymmetric CVT transmission systems;
  • Tubular A1 6063 T6 chassis; use of glass fibre for the shell;
  • Bontrager, 16-inch Moulton sizes recumbent wheels;
  • Twin tie road steering system; Inteneidate freewheel design;
  • variable jet carburetor and simple caliper cycle brakes. [source]

The fuel efficiency of the car was tested on the NICE corridor and demonstrated a mileage of 180Km/L under test conditions.
The team is also working on to improve the existing design and enhance the fuel efficiency to 500 Km/L!

This is not really a commercial version, but serious innovations like these are building India 2.0 and will create India’s own Bill Gates/Zuckerberg/Larry.

Don’t you think so?

pic credit: ciol.com

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