Fight between founders – YC stats and PG's take (5/6)

Way back in 2006 itself, Y Combinator companies had 20% of the founders having left the company, due to fights and disagreements.

 Paul Graham nails it on the head, when he says that most of the founder disputes could have been avoided, if people have been cautious and careful in choosing their co-founders. 

The lack of compatibility leads to demise of all relationships, including those between founders.

“Don’t suppress misgivings. It’s much easier to fix problems before the company is started than after. 

So don’t include your housemate in your startup because he’d feel left out otherwise. 

Don’t start a company with someone you dislike because they have some skill you need and you worry you won’t find anyone else. 

The people are the most important ingredient in a startup, so don’t compromise there.”