'Less is more' and other secret recipes for a thriving newsletter business (1/6)

a) K.I.S.S  The newsletter is meant to de-clutter, so it should not be cluttered. Less is more with newsletters. For a long and fruitful relationship, the reader should not be deluged with either too many articles or ads.

b) LTV should be 5x of the reader’s acquisitionThe Life Time Value of the reader (by the way of ads impressions she sees over a period of a year or more) should be between 3X to 5X of the acquisition cost. The need is to keep a fine balance by less cost of acquisition and lesser number of ads.

c) Two to tangoWhile there have been many successful ‘single person’ newsletters, but usually it takes at least a two person team to coordinate between all the activities of content generation and curating, editing, reader acquisition and ads sales.