Live-in robots, bridging the gap between doctors and patients (4/7)

The name Mabu is short for mabutaki, a Japanese word meaning to blink and mabudachi, or best friend.  

Mabu is a personal healthcare companion, an intelligent and socially interactive robot, which could be programmed to the needs of individual patients needs. 

Though she isn’t mobile, but she can make eye contact while carrying on a conversation with someone and is also capable of simple gestures with her head and eyes. She holds a tablet-like screen in front of her that she uses during conversations to convey additional information.

She can reside with the patient and at routine intervals interact  to determine the health status, prompt reminders to take medicines and even exercises.

She is designed to converse like a human, which is very essential in post-operative health care management, where the patient might feel lonely and desires more care and attention.

Without the need of doctor being present on site, Mabu helps the doctors keep track on the patients well being, through her.