'Tell-All' AI chatbots and avatars are relieving people from anxiety and depression (3/7)

Technology once promised that world would be more open and connected, but the truth of the matter is, 15 years hence, people are living lives which have never been more lonelier. 

Real life interactions are drastically limited and face time happens only through five inches screens.

This is increasing the loneliness among all genre of people, and age is not a filter either.

In a surprise study, it has been found that people are more open to AI chatbots, to reveal their darkest secrets, rather than their close human beings and not even doctors. And this helping them overcome their anxieties and survive depression.

“Some think it’s a breakthrough. Others are skeptical it’ll help. But there’s such an absurd mismatch between what we need to support people’s mental health conditions and what’s available. So if this does work — and it looks promising this could be a vital step forward to helping more people.”