ImplelCRM – SaaS product for Indian SMEs

Impel CRM is an integrated CRM solution that offers SaaS based CRM solution to Indian SMEs. Impel CRM offers several levels of configurability, dramatically reducing or eliminating customization. Users can personalize screen layouts, default views and sort orders.

One of my 2008 prediction was that SalesForce will help grow SaaS industry in India and am glad to see Impelcrm taking on SF head to head (see this comparison chart)

If you are wondering how is it different from Salesforce, here is reply from the founding team:

Impel is targeted to the Indian SMB segment. Our sweet spot seems to be in the 20 – 200 user space. We have a completely integrated product, in addition to the regular CRM suspects of Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation and Customer support, includes inventory control, simple sales order and quote management. So for a company in the service sector, we provide pretty much all the functionality that they need, other than financial accounting. What I would say is that we are the right choice for a company that needs more than just CRM and for whom ERP is too complex. That is the hole that we plug.

We understand that the Indian marketplace is different and that companies need to see a live person before they decide on a purchase. What we plan to do is to build a strong partner network across the country. We are already in advanced talks with about a dozen partners and have signed up about 5 in Bangalore, Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai.

As far as salesforce is concerned, the product that they are aggressively pushing in India is priced at Rs 1.5 lakhs per year for 5 users. This is for the professional edition of the product. Like you would have seen from the chart, we actually offer a much wider range of functionality at a much lower price point. If you look at the mind-set of an Indian SMB, the SFDC pricing is way too high for most of them to deal with. Also, the SFDC partners are large companies like Wipro. To the average Indian SMB, this again smacks of high-price. We are partnering with mid-level SIs who are already working in the target SMB space. We think it’s actually good that SFDC is making a big play in the market, because it not only validates the space, but also they spend the money on user education and we also stand to reap the rewards 🙂

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