Saavn launches programmatic audio advertising for mobile devices in India

Each stream is associated with a time-of-day, location, device brand/model, mobile operator etc.

Saavn today announced the launch of programmatic audio advertising in India, the newest addition to Saavn’s extensive suite of advertising technology offerings.

This platform, created in partnership with AdsWizz, automates the real-time buying, targeting, optimization, and reporting of audio ad inventory into a few simple steps.

Major brands across India, including Saavn’s current base of over 250 advertisers, can now use relevant data to significantly simplify the process to access and communicate with Saavn’s 20 million unique listeners. 

Audio, especially on mobile devices, is a highly personal experience and is a form of personal expression and mood. With the increase of demanding lifestyles, audio is becoming an intrinsic part of this generation’s media consumption. Earlier while television and other visual mediums were the trigger points for consumers, we are now seeing a shift towards passive entertainment consumption.

Each stream is associated with a time-of-day, location, device brand/model, mobile operator, genre, age, gender, and several other factors. Audio is fundamentally a medium about “top of the funnel” branding instead of clicks and conversions reserved for demand fulfillment media like Google search ads.

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