SabseBolo – free conference call service (from Sabeer Bhatia’s factory)

sabseboloWant to have a family chat and get your parents in Delhi, brother in Bangalore, sister in Chennai to join the same call? You have very limited options and Sabeer Bhatia’s new foray SabseBolo is attempting to solve this pain.

SabseBolo is a conference calling solution that enables more than one called party listen to or participate in the call

Once you sign up at SabseBolo, you will receive a confernce call ID, Dial-in-number and your pin. To start a Conference call, you and your participants should call +91-(0)22-3980-4444, enter the conference ID number followed by a # sign and then enter the 4 digit pin number followed by a # sign.
You will be connected to the other participants and you can begin talking right away!

The no. of participants has been limited to 6, for now. Good thing about the service is that it’s free, and if marketed well – it can actually turn out to be a super hit product (I do foresee family members, friends, SMBs using this service very very frequently)

Having said that, the biggest drawback of this service is that each participant needs to call up (and pay) for the airtime.

I am wondering whether a toll-free number will be a good deal, as it might lead to abuse (i.e. chat endlessly), but i am sure that will lead to quick and mass adoption.

Overall, the product is a neat idea – and I look forward to using it. What’s your take?

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