Reliance to Bring Sachet Pricing for Mobile VAS

Reliance is launching sachet pricing for mobile VAS – for example, instead of paying Rs. 30/ for your ringtone, pay Rs. 1 every day.

The strategy is targeted towards prepaid customers (85% of Indian mobile users are on prepaid plans) as well as rural India/BoP segment – and if well executed (i.e. if Reliance is still able to maintain margin), this can change the face of Mobile VAS pricing in India.

Mobile VAS in India – Key Drivers

From our earlier article on Mobile VAS in India and Key Drivers:

Over 60% of women indicated they would subscribe to VAS SMS bundle offers compared to around 47% men, similarly 56% of women would subscribe to “unlimited songs download” as against men (46%).

Mobile VAS – What do Indians need?

What works for Indian mobile users? Have a look :

Mobile Vas in India - What do Indians need?

Sachet pricing will bring more needs/wants from the end users and is surely an interesting play to watch.

What’s your take on Reliance’s sachet strategy?

Aside, Reliance started it’s GSM service few weeks back (has 70 million total subscriber base) and is currently in talks with China Mobile, for a strategic alliance and possible equity participation of 5 to 6 % (to raise funds for 3G auction).

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