SadakMap : spot your favourite dosa joint on your city map

SadakMap is a 2-month old startup that relies on user generated content (UGC) to put relevant local listings on the site. As per Unmesh, founder of SadakMap: “SadakMap has developed…

sadakmapSadakMap is a 2-month old startup that relies on user generated content (UGC) to put relevant local listings on the site.

As per Unmesh, founder of SadakMap:

“SadakMap has developed a platform that allows users to build out quality local information. Unlike traditional yellow pages sites, we don’t aspire to have all local listings on our site but only those that our community chooses to list. Thus, a local bhelpuri-walla that is a popular hangout for nearby college kids, is more likely to make it on SadakMap than on any of the yellowpages sites. Add reviews to this mix and what you get is community run collaborative local listings. Another feature is the ability to post messages (or what we call mini-blogs) which allows users to talk to their neighbors, highlight civic issues, etc.”

SadakMap uses Google Maps API for rendering the maps and also allows FaceBook logins for user registration.

One of the interesting feature is SpotMeUrl – which is the user profile/home page for users (and captures user’s activity in SadakMap). SadakMap is smart enough to build seo-friendly permalinks for businesses (e.g. : apart from getting some google juice, it also helps one to remember any point of interest.

Unlike WikiMapia, SadakMap doesn’t allow users to add locations without signing in and as I spoke to Unmesh, they haven’t witnessed any spams so far.

SadakMap’s UGC approach is also followed by few local search providers too (sites like yulop/youmagix etc too allow viewers to add listings).
But the basic question is why should somebody add local listings or even edit local listings? Infact, of all the sites that rely on UGC for content, very few are able to drive visitors to contribute.

In general, UGC doesn’t seem to have taken place in India and SadakMap needs to really identify the sole reason why it should appeal to the wide audience. Most importantly, SadakMap will face a stiff competition from local search providers – who are running across the entire city to index businesses (and rely on users only for feedbacks/reviews of those businesses).

As far as monetization is concerned, SadakMap can partner with enterprise companies or businesses (like banks etc) to license their platform – case in point, one can look for SBI bank locations in a city.
SadakMap has some cool community-oriented feature lined up (can’t disclose now), and it would be interesting to see how they compete with other local players.

What’s your take on SadakMap? Will you use it?

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