Saholic launches Buy Online, Pickup Offline model

Ecommerce store from Spice group, Saholic has launched  Buy Online, Pickup Offline enabling customers to attain the convenience of online shopping with the comfort of Offline pick up. In the US, retailers like Walmart, Macy’s, Best Buy, Sears etc launched a similar service thereby as an extension to online operations.

The service is currently available only in NCR region and all you need to do is select the option “pick from store” and carry the secret code (plus id proof) that was given at the time of order (you can pay online or select ‘Pay At Store’ option).

This isn’t the first time an offline store that an online presence has integrated its online-offline operations – earlier, GKB opticals integrated its online operations with 60+ offline stores across the country. And why not, after all companies need to leverage their supply chain operations over both the properties and integrate seamlessly.

The beauty of this model is that it can also be used as a cost-effective CoD mechanism – i.e. for customers who aren’t yet comfortable with online purchase, they can select the products online and purchase offline. In US, Walmart witnessed great response after they allowed *online-selection and offline purchase’ option:

In the first weeks of the cash option, Walmart noticed that a different set of customers also found the service appealing. About 40 percent of the customers who paid with cash when ordering online ended up using noncash options, like a credit card or check, when they arrived at the store. They simply had not wanted to provide that financial information online. “There’s still a large segment of people out there afraid of identity theft or just plain putting their credit card online,” Mr. Anderson said. The service already accounts for 2 percent of’s sales.[source]

Does this help increase conversion?Do you think this is better than Cash before Delivery option, which ecommerce stores like Fetise has been following?

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