Employer Rating/Salary Comparison site, JobeeHive ‘almost’ shuts shop

Salary Comparison and Company rating/review portal, JobeeHive has almost shut shop (read our review of Jobeehive when they launched).

The site is down for the last 15 days and founding team has already move on (Vishwas has joined a research firm/Sandeep is with NephroPlus).

Even though the site will be back again (Vishwas mentioned that there are some DB issues which needs to be fixed and the team is moving the site to a new server), but as a business venture it is pretty much dead.
Actually, abandoned is the right word to describe this, as founders do not solely depend on this venture for their survival. If it kicks in, that’s great otherwise let it die a natural death.

What about other Employer Rating Sites?

Most of the other company review sites (Criticat, Talentty) have been abandoned as well (founders have moved on).

Apart from the fact that most of these sites went thru’ recession blues when jobs were hardly few and far in between (demand for such service was obscured by demand for jobs), there was of course a basic missing factor – that of monetization and sustainability.

All of these sites had done a good job of SEO, attracting visitors, but probably failed to create engagement. If you look at sites like Glassdoor, they have built an engagement platform and have grown owing to the sheer size of Internet market/penetration.

What’s your take on failure of ‘rate your company/compare salary’ model?

Maybe the model hasn’t failed, but its the timing that wasn’t in the favor of these companies. We just hope some of them make a comeback.

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