SaleDekho- Local Deals and Offers Lisiting For India

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SaleDekho- Local Deals and Offers Lisiting For India

SaleDekho is a local deals and discounts listing site. Currently available in 8 Indian cities, the site brings together all the offers from retailers and Credit/Debit cards issuers. sale dekho

The site currently claims to list 3500 offers in all possible consumer retail categories. One can search by product, by brand, by store or by card issuer. Unlike KhojGuru, they are not a coupons site that ask for your information and then send you coupon codes. (BTW, Lately KhojGuru has become an aggregator of these 7 deal sites. Expect many more to follow.)

Crudely speaking SaleDekho is doing what many freebies/discount announcement blogs are doing but in a structured manner.

The product is basic now and is neatly done. The sites major traction would come from SEO i guess. But i am skeptic about it surviving as a standalone product. Rather it would make more sense as a feature on a local search engine. They probably realise this and have a local restaurants listings section already.

One service i would like to see from them is SMS/Email alerts for discounts on a particular product. The problem with browsing is i don’t know whether to look for store-wide promotions or credit card promotion or a particular brand promotion. Mostly the best deal is when you combine 2 mutually exclusive offers, say a brand promotion with a credit card offer. Will be good to see if they can bring that into play.

Some answers from the Team:

Q: How do you source data?

SD: We have some affiliations through which we receive first-hand data. We also have a dedicated team who search for offers/discounts in 8 cities both offline and online.

Q: Have you spent any advertising $ till date? How did u manage to get 1600 fans on FB? (1600 fans in a short time is appreciable. It is useful also, since they are into the “announcement” business. Asklaila has category/citywise apps and twitter streams to make it less spammy.)

SD: We haven’t spent money on advertisements directly. We do use coupon code from godaddy for advertisement.

We strongly believe in social media marketing & are making best use of FB. We have devised strong FaceBook Fan Page strategies which help us make deeper connections with our fans.  Some of the key strategies used are:

  • Frequent wall posts about various offers/discounts with informative screenshots.
  • Spreading information/latest news on brands for all the brand freaks.
  • Fun & Entertainment factor – exclusive style tips, fashion trends, contests.
  • Contests – We engage our fans with fun activities & make them win exciting prizes. The contest buzz encourages them to invite more friends to like our page, thus increasing our fans!

Q: Any extension planned? As in SMS search or Offline collaboration?

SD: Yes! We definitely have plans for SMS search in near future and it’s under development. At present we provide users with various offers information via SMS. We do have plans for offline collaborations too. Currently negotiations are in place with OOH media, MyFM channel .

Do give SaleDekho a Dekho!

[Naman is a startup enthusiast and has worked with couple of Indian startups as Product Manager. He is the founder of FindYogi]

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